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UPDATED: 17 December 2022 | PUBLISHED: 13 October 2022

Welcome to Photogeek™ 👋🏼🤓.

Why start a blog for working photographers when there's already sooooo much information available online?

Excellent question.

While Photogeek's™ for photographers, yes...it's not really about photography 🤫😊.

The internet's dripping with heaps of detailed information, tutorials, courses and gear reviews.

But I want to talk about the other stuff; the less glamourous stuff; the stuff kind of on the periphery.

Geeky, pragmatic things that'll help working photographers & entrepreneurs save time, ease stress, get inspired and make more money.

Stuff like that.

That's the plan.

Front and back of Photogeek business cards laid out on black background with magnolia leaves ad gold paperclips
ABOVE: Photogeek's™ for photographers...but it's not your typical photography blog. For the brand's logo and icon, I collaborated with designers at 99designs. I'd come up with the concept but needed a professional's help to make it a reality. You can read my review on working with 99designs for logo design to see if it might suit you.

Welcome to Photogeek™ - E-News Sign-Up

If you're interested to find out what sharing pragmatic info to help photographers in business actually means, please go ahead and join the #photogeeksquad 👍🏼.

I'll be blogging and sharing monthly newsletters (with exclusive content) with squad 'members' (it's free).

Just the good stuff. No fluff ✅.

Straight to your inbox.

And you should seeeee the Photogeek™ newsletters - they're a feast for the eyes 😍.

Flat lay mockup of phone on marble desk with olive green linen and magnolia leaves
ABOVE: A sneak peak of the 'Good Stuff. No Fluff' e-news sent exclusively to #photogeeksquad subscribers. It's free to join. All welcome.

I know 'they' say text-based emails are the best in terms of conversion and deliverability - geek fact - but we photographers are visual creatures so I'm using Flodesk to share with the #photogeeksquad - would you like to take a look?

That...and confession: I'm cheap 😂.

E-News Using Flodesk

I LOVE that Flodesk is the only ESP (Email Service Provider) that doesn't charge you more as your subscribership grows. It's a flat rate per month irrespective of your audience size.

With all the other providers I'm aware of, they start off free or inexpensive then push you further and further up the pricing tiers as more people join you 😩.

Flodesk banner ad for Photogeek offering 50% discount
ABOVE: If you're on the hunt for an Email Service Provider (ESP) or looking for a better one, check out Flodesk. By far the most beautiful option and the only ESP who charge a flat rate irrespective of your subscriber number. You can get 50% off your first year's subscription HERE. (SOURCE: Flodesk)

(All ESPs have pros and cons though - including Flodesk - but they're something working photographers can certainly benefit from using. I'll share some info and resources on all suitable options for you soon. What suits one will not suit all, that's an irrefutable fact!)

But, I digress.

Welcome to Photogeek™ - it's a place for like-minded photographers who want more for their business, which in turn means more for their personal life too ✅.

Photogeek founder, Katrina Ferguson, with her family. Sitting on the couch playing and laughing.
ABOVE: With my family. That's me on right 👋🏼. I've found it such a juggle having and raising children while having and growing a business as a working photographer. If I can share what I've learned and it helps others with their struggle - however it looks - THAT'S what Photogeek's™ all about. Welcome. (PHOTO: LJM Photography.)

Why do I care?

Another good question.

Because I've been juggling and struggling and twirling all the spinning plates for a long time.

I get it.

And I can help other photographers and solo entrepreneurs in small but impactful ways ✨.

Knowledge is power...but only if you act on it right? (So I hear Ben Kingsley remind me weekly on The Property Couch podcast.)

Truth is I'm not yet in the season of life to go hell for leather or hammer and tong; to properly act on the all things I know and have learned.

I'm in family peak hour (hands up in the comments section at the end of this post if you are too 🙋🏻‍♀️). But I certainly CAN pass the knowledge on and maybe inspire others to take action.

And surely that counts for something?!

What's My Experience?

I graduated with my Bachelor of Journalism in 2006, my Diploma of Art in Applied Photography in 2008, my Cert IV in Small Business Management in 2010 and have been assisting, working and volunteering in and around the photography industry since.

I've photographed newborns and families, weddings and births, events, editorial and commercial assignments, headshots, portraits, kinders, childcare and schools.

All while building a family.

I've done (and confession: also bought but not completed some) courses, read books, scoured the internet, devoured podcasts, followed Instagram accounts, fallen down YouTube rabbit holes, joined Facebook groups and group coaching programs.

Collecting knowledge is a habit of mine...and condensing, curating and sharing it to help others gives me quite the thrill (bit weird, totally true) 🤓.

And so, Photogeek™ was born.

Welcome, I sincerely hope it helps you.

Photographer and Photogeek founder Katrina Ferguson Signature

P.S If you'd like to contact me, please head to the Contact page.

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